Can Free Comic Book Day Get New Readers Into Shops?

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We’re a little over a month away from Free Comic Book Day, the annual bonanza where stores across the continent give out free books in the hopes of getting people back into shops. What started as a sampling of six books from the big publishers back in 2002 has become, for many stores, an annual festival. The six freebie books have ballooned into somewhere around fifty, and many stores give out merchandising, hold sales, and bring in creators for signings. Many comic shops do bonanza sales on FCBD and it’s become the equivalent of Black Friday for the comics industry.


I’ve been going to the same shop for FCBD for the past five years. I love it…however, I’ve also started to notice the same regulars year after year waiting for the books and the sales. Which is great—customer loyalty is a big component of FCBD.

However, the…

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Gaming’s Most Badass Women – Week Three

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Clever. Strong. Inquisitive. Intelligent. Rebellious. Outcast. All of these words can be used to describe this week’s badass female game character; Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy. As those of you who follow us will know, we recently gave Horizon Zero Dawnsome pretty good marks, and the character of Aloy herself was a big reason for that. While the game has only been out for a few days, it’s my opinion that Aloy will appeal to a great number of gamers, and there are several reasons behind our decision to feature her as one of gaming’s most badass women.

The newest character in our list of badass women in gaming, Aloy is still a bit of a mystery to some, and a beacon of ass-kicking fury & strength to others. Upon her introduction, gamers discovered that Aloy is an outcast, and shunned by almost everyone around her. Throughout her…

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