Stephen King’s most terrifying character

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Anyone close to me knows that I am a huge Stephen King fan. From his epic multi-book series, to his expansive novels, to his short stories, King has the power to scare, inspire, and most of all entertain, legions of followers. So when I was asked to write an article on my personal choice for Uncle Stevie’s scariest creation, I was faced with a crisis. He has created so many dastardly baddies in his day, where does one begin? I wanted to convey his portrayal of evil without falling into the trap of choosing the obvious candidates. Pennywise, Randall Flagg, Kurt Barlow, these are monsters that terrify the mind and chill the soul. They are ruthless, diabolical, and will kill you without hesitation or mercy. You know what they are though? Expected. When you see a spider, you know it has icky hairy legs, pincers, and a million eyes. You…

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New Vid: Monsters (Stargate SG-1) by Holdt

So I’ve found it difficult, in recent years, to stay inside what I thought of as “my area” fandom-wise. Thought being the operative word. There is no bullpen in fandom – we choose what we want to see and what we  want to show. That  being said, it’s a real relief to come back to Stargate SG-1 and my first OTP. It reminds me of why I got into this kooky fandom lifestyle to start with.

Jack/Daniel, Romance, Established Relationship

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Vid Series: Movements in Time
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Warnings: NSFW
Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Music by Katie Sky
Password: Thing