Game Review – Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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While there have been many narrative games in the past, from the first text-based DOS games to Japanese visual novels, none have struck me like modern adventure games. While Telltale is probably the best known if only for their Walking Dead series, and Firewatch earned accolades, I think the high point (so far) is Life is Strange.

Life is Strange provides a fascinating at the turmoil of adolescence, combined with a touch of science-fiction and fantasy. The primary game, released in 2015, followed the protagonist as she dealt with life and relationships, unraveled a mystery, and dealt with the power to rewind time (and its consequences).

The original game received positive reviews and won numerous awards, not only for its excellent story but also for tackling topics like bullying, suicide, drugs and alcohol, and the loss of loved ones. I also prized the fantastic soundtrack, consisting of both…

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It’s not entirely the CGI’s fault…

Well said! OGNerds know this dance.

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For better or worse, the internet has become our echo chamber for everything good or bad in fandom. Sometimes we go on tears for some of the smallest things because ‘they just aren’t right’. Part of the problem that arises within fandoms is that we create such a fervor over these things that we completely forget about larger issues which may also affect our corners of fandom.

Thus, I was not surprised that within the past few weeks, people who were already kicking the Justice League movie down found a new reason to do so: Henry Cavill’s face had been CGI’ed because of his contractual obligation with the new Mission: Impossible movie saying that he could not shave.  There were others that complained about the decision to make Steppenwolf a CGI character vs using a real actor. Right behind that, new complaints regarding Thanos’ CGI rendering in the new…

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