TV Brew: The Women of Black Lightning

It was great being able to talk with you and discuss this fascinating show! Thanks for bringing me in to share thoughts, and I hope we can do it again.

Pop Culture Uncovered

We promised we’d be back with more after thattwo-partarticleon the relevance ofBlack Lightning. To celebrateWomen’s History Month, we’re going to give a focus on the main female characters of the show.

Holdt: Yeah and it’s a good thing too because we have a lot of ground to cover since the pilot. Lady Eve alone could fill an article, but we don’t have time for all that!

So let’s get down to basics, and fair warning – there will be some spoilers!


Holdt: I’d like to start with my girl Anissa, who’s unquestionably a fighter for civil rights – for both metas and normies – and she’s proud of her principles. She’s willing to adapt as well, which we get to see in her change of heart over vigilantism, citizen’s responsibilities and community solidarity.

Brook: Anissa is probably the…

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