It All Began by Kinkmeme – A Fanfic Story

So I admit that I trawl the (conspicuously anon) archives of the dcu/dceu/dccu kinkmemes. I do. I have no shame about this.

What I’d never done was actually submit to any of these communities.

Until now.


I took on a prompt that seemed at first glance to be an “easy in’ – can’t take more than 2-5k, I thought to myself with unseemly glee, ready to flex my kink muscles.

Yup. That was me…

….back in late April.


Now it’s January, and I’ve managed to post about 100k and am in the fourth in said BDSM, Bottom Clark, Dominant Bruce (though Dominant b/c of dynamics, not who tops/bottoms!!) series.

I’ll be posting chapter 7 of 14 in part IV sometime this week, adding 6k to my wordcount.

I have another 40-60k in the wings waiting for my longsuffering beta reader.


  • It’s been rec’d. More than once!! What is happening in the world?
  • It’s inspired/prompted two fan-covers (by ManicMea):
  • A particular fanartist  (handled ‘Albi’) who Ive followed for some time (you may recall the Superbat manga of ‘right in front of my salad’ with Diana at the counter? Yeah..Albi) both rec’d and contacted me with these amazing beauties!

Control by Albi

(The other two are in-line on the AO3 host page and the available epub from AO3)

So I’ll just leave that story link right here…

Position Assurance Series by Holdt

How long will this go on? Well, until the story is finished, I suppose. Aiming for 200k written this year (in total, not just this project).

Wish me luck!

All of this is just to say how incredibly honored and amazed I am at the top of this year. Fandom, fam… fandom is fucking amazing. 

And it requires a response.

Thanks everyone for their help, whether reading, encouraging/cheer-leading, creating art, having written something that further inspired me,  alpha views, arguing canon vs fanon over pastries with me, debating/interrogating the differences between bottom-shaming/misogyny and BDSM subbing when the sub IS the bottom…

You know who you are. Thank you.

ETA: FYI, if you know this is trggering/disliked/material you as an adult CANNOT HANDLE, then do us both a favor and just skip the links. You will not be welcomed. You will not convince me that I am doing wrong. You will only waste your time with a non-hetero genderqueer feminist who is in no mood for your shit. 😀

Fic: The Other Time Lord

The Other Time Lord [AO3] by 

Vids That Break Us [Marvel Version]: Came to Rec Up the Place

[18 Feb. 28th, 2017 06:02 pm]


The title says it all, and I found another one. Regarding my head-canons of Steve/Tony possible marriage/definite established ship during Civil War, I am not as alone as I thought I was.

This vid
I Found by Jacleyn Hebron of youtube, is heartwrenching. Seriously, if you have one Steve/Tony bone in your body, it will be broken and no one will ever be able to fix it again. *sniffle*


Now, Obvs this is a new vidder, and there are some small technical blips (mostly talkyface), BUT.
Their eye is spot-on, their use of scenes is inspiring, their use of pan and zoom to subtly change and alter scenes and to create constructed scenes from raw footage is EXCELLENT. Their grasp of beatwork and flow, structure and emotional persuasion…OMG. I feel as if maybe I already know this person in fandom, their fingerprints are so clear. (LOL)

This is a person to keep eyes on, my friends. This is transformative at it’s best IMO, and the rawness adds to the appeal for me.

I’d love to know what someone else thinks.

Watch, adore, maybe die little bit inside and then squee and give major props to Jacleyn. I don’t know them personally, but I sure am glad they joined the party.

Fandom win.

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New Vid: HOLY (Supernatural Castiel/Dean)

[18 Mar. 6th, 2017 01:31 am]


Relationship: Castiel/Dean

Warnings: canon-typical violence, messy angelic love, messy human love, Asexual Castiel, Demisexual Dean Winchester, Romance, Abuse of Angelic Grace

Summary: He’s high on love…and glow-juice. Who’s the holy one here? You decide.

Music by Florida Georgia Line

Notes: So, here is my first Supernatural vid, after 13 years of watching this show. Comments and concrit welcome. Also, unable to source the credit for the lovely gif of wing hugging – if anyone knows the creator, please send them my way. I have no problem removing if it offends, and I would love to at the very least credit the artist.

password: angel

Holy by Holdt on AO3