McDonald’s Failure – It’s not about the sauce, it’s about the principle

Pop Culture Uncovered

This past Saturday, October 7th, saw one of the most notable failures of pop culture meets promotional campaign. McDonald’s tried to capitalize on their mention in the popular Adult Swim series, Rick and Morty.

The results were…less than acceptable.

Those who tried to participate in the promotion often went home empty-handed and upset. Videos and articles exist, regaling stories of angry customers berating employees, breaking out into fights, and bringing police out to keep the peace.

At the same time, people are berating Rick and Morty fans and the customers for their behavior. “It’s just sauce” and “stop acting like petulant man-children” are among some of the retorts.

What these tales and critiques seem to ignore is McDonald’s complacency in everything that went down. People want to blame Rick and Morty fans, or anyone who showed (regardless if they’d seen the show), for what…

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