Weak In The Knees: Does Love Deflate Anime Women?

Pop Culture Uncovered

As the hype train rolled around about Sword Art Online, I went through my usual ho-hum about a new series that has everyone except me excited. I got myself ready by first listening to the opening song, which was to my liking. I got my usual snacks and snuggled up with my CrunchyRoll app open and ready to begin a new series only to be disappointed again. As the story began to unwind I watched intrigued, but guarded…And then it happened: the main woman in the series fell in love and became weak.

Why does this seem to be a thing? Why does this always happen to the heroines? When did it become a point in time where I started to expect the women to become these great warriors only to succumb to infatuation and turn into this weak willed woman who is incapable of saving themselves after being able…

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